Storm Shelter Videos

See the Storm Shelter in action!

We have featured several Storm Shelter videos below to enhance your internet browsing experience for Storm Shelters. See the Granger ISS Storm Shelter go from it's manufacturing, assembly and quality control stages, to outperforming inferior Storm Shelter materials as it proves itself in durability tests against Fiberglass Storm Shelter cross sections. In the FEMA 320 Storm Shelter door testing video, the Granger ISS Storm Shelter's aluminum door passes the FEMA 320 specifications at Texas Tech University's Wind Science and Engineering Research lab!

Granger ISS Polymer Door FEMA 320& FEMA 361 testing!

Storm Shelter Manufacturing & Assembly

Fiberglass Storm Shelter v.s. Plastic Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter FEMA 320 Door Testing

Storm Shelter Door & Handrails

Storm Shelter Comparisons

Look below to see how Storm Shelters manufactured from inferior materials compare!

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